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How to Become a DFB Member

Sighthound Owners

Are you interested in learning more about lure coursing? Do you want to become involved with a fun group of people who love to run their dogs? Then come and join us! DFB is open to owners of sighthounds who are willing to help with events, are able to come out and support our events, and just want to have fun with their dogs. If you are new to lure coursing, contact us or just come out to an event and meet everyone. We would love to meet you and your dog!

If you would like to fill out an application, CLICK HERE.

You can review our By Laws here.

Dogs Running

Non-Sighthound Owners

Do you own a dog who LOVES to run and chase? Have you attended any one of our FAST CAT or CAT events and want to become more involved with our club? Then why not join us? DFB is now able to accept members who are not sighthound owners. These members will be "associate members" and will not be able to vote on club matters, but are able to attend our meetings, volunteer at our events, get early notification of our events, and get unlimited free fun runs at any of our events. If this all sounds like fun for you and your dog, come and join us! CLICK HERE to fill out our associate member application.

You can review our By Laws here.

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