DFB Board of Directors 

for 2021 Lure Coursing Season are:
Brianne Butcher

I found my heart breed, the Ibizan hound, in 2011 and became involved in the Desert Fun Bunch lure coursing club that year as well. Five of my Ibizan hounds finished their LCX titles, one of which is an LCX5. I had the #1 AKC lure coursing Ibizan hound in the United States in 2016, 2017, & 2019. I also bred an ibizan hound litter in 2018 which produced multiple FC and LCX titled ibizans. So you could say lure coursing is a big part of my life! I have had the pleasure to serve on the Desert Fun Bunch board of directors since 2012.

Tracey Davis
Vice President

In 2013 when I joined DFB with my first Pharaoh Hound, I heard a joke that sighthounds are like potato chips; you can't own just one. I think it's more prophecy than humor since I currently share my house with two Pharaoh Hounds, an Ibizan Hound and a bossy Brussels Griffon. My dogs do conformation and coursing, but if asked which they prefer, paws down it's coursing. When you see your dog chasing the lure with abandonment and joy, you know they don't care what their score is, they only care about the run.

Kathy Richards

Kathy is currently the Lure Coursing Statistician with RRCUS (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States) and she serves as the Secretary for Desert Fun Bunch here in Arizona. She has also been the Trial Secretary for DFB for the past 3 years. She enjoys getting new people involved in coursing and seeing how much fun their dogs have “chasing the bunny”. It is also fun to see the “non-sighthound” dog owners enjoy CAT and FCAT events with their dogs.

Jeffrey Hunt

Jeffrey Hunt has been a member of DFB for over a decade, serving as Treasurer for most of that time.

He is an ASFA and AKC Lure Coursing Judge (#100660).

His current hound pack consists of a Whippet "Doc" and a Rhodesian Ridgeback "Guga".

Erin Prendergast
Board Member

I have been owned by Rhodesian Ridgebacks for the majority of my life. I’m actively involved in conformation and lure coursing, and try to fill my spare weekends with one or the other. I’m a member of our local and national breed clubs, and am proud to serve DFB as a board member. Nothing beats watching the hounds perform on the field as they were bred to do.

Trial.Final.0986 (1).jpg
Nik Parks
Board Member

Nik started in lure coursing with CATs and his supermutt, Brick. Eventually, Nik fell for sighthounds and has since owned Pharaoh hounds and an Ibizan hound. The one above aptly named The Kraken, has been his favorite courser yet. He regularly runs the lure for trials, CAT/FCAT events. 

Kelly Mattiuz
Board Member

You got questions? Kelly's got answers! You need help releasing? Give her the lead! Hold your hounds!! Unless it’s Tango then hold on to your Red Rocket if you dare!

All members in good standing are encouraged to apply for leadership positions within the club. Nominations are made at our October meeting and the membership votes in November for the following season.


The Board of Directors are responsible for all decisions relating to club finances, events and membership in accordance with accepted bylaws.

You can email the entire board here, but please check out our FAQ for general information.