Results for FCATs

If your dog has just participated in one of our FCAT events, the results will be posted to this page. If you see any errors, please contact the trial secretary immediately.

How are points calculated? 

Dogs are timed when they complete the 100-yard dash. The time is converted to Miles Per Hour (MPH).

MPH = 204.545/Run Time

Based on the dog’s size at the withers a handicap is applied and points are earned.

  • 18” or greater = Handicap is 1.0

  • 12” up to less than 18” = Handicap is 1.5

  • Under 12” = Handicap is 2.0

POINTS = MPH X Handicap  

Titles are earned at specific point levels. BCAT = 150 points, DCAT = 500 points, FCAT = 1,000 points