Become a DFB Volunteer

The success of our trials and events depends on the volunteer efforts of our club members. The more people who help out, even for small jobs, means things run smoother and everyone enjoys the experience more. Please consider giving a few minutes to help with some of the following jobs. If you don’t know what they are, ask and we’ll be glad to explain.

Field Setup

This involved helping set pulleys, string and bags on the field and testing that it’s all running efficiently. The faster this is done, the faster the trial starts!

Score Runner

Field Crew

The equipment runs on strings and pulleys and these sometimes break. We need help in walking the field looking for the break.

Help w/ Dogs

People who have multiple dogs or are injured could use your help in holding or getting dogs to the line. Just ask and see who might need assistance.

Field Take Down

After awards are given, don’t pack up and leave! Stay and help with this job of picking up the pulleys and string. If multiple people help, it’s a 10 minute job.

Trailer Loading

Help break down pop up tents, chairs, scoreboards and anything else that’s been used. In an organized manner put them away in the club trailer.


Depending on the trial, we could use help in setting up and breaking down hospitality.

Fun Run Help

Often during down times (lunch or before best in field) we are able to run our puppies or other dogs in fun runs. To give our normal field crew time off, volunteers can help organize this session.

Site Cleanup

Leave the field as we found it with no trash.

Score Runner

Judges usually sit in the middle of the field for better views. Scores are done on paper and need to be taken to the field secretary to tally and post.

cooper LC 02-2020b.jpg

The following trial jobs can require some training and mentoring. Several jobs require multiple people to help during a trial, so please ask if you’re interested and the club can help prepare you.

Field Chairman

This role is in charge of the trial and all people who volunteer or perform jobs. Is responsible for any access to judges and ensures the field is secure, safe and cleaned up.

Inspection Committee

This role is responsible for the review of each dog competing in the trial. The goal is to assess fitness to run and if a dog meets AKC standards. Measurement of certain breeds may also be required as well as tests to ensure female dogs are not in season.

Field Secretary

This role handles all the entries, record sheets and scores for the trial.

Paddock Master

This role ensures that dog running orders are communicated, dogs are ready to run and appropriately jacketed. They keep things moving.

Hunt Master

This role controls the hounds and handlers. The safety of all on the field falls to this role and they are responsible for correct dogs, orders, slip leads and jackets and explanation for release and retrieval rules for first course.

Lure Operator

This role controls the mechanical lure and the safety of the dogs on the field. They must have a clear view of the field and be able to stop the lure when danger is noticed or notified by another of potential danger to the dogs.